Immigration Lawyer Consultation

Should you be keen on obtaining Spanish citizenship or are prepared to embark on the application journey, we warmly encourage you to book a consultation with Douaa Elamarni, our adept immigration attorney with a focus on Spanish citizenship through residency. In a half-hour session, priced at €60, Douaa will offer you bespoke advice and support, addressing your unique situation comprehensively. This consultation is also ideal for anyone seeking a broader understanding of Spain's immigration laws.

Please note, while provides a variety of visa services, if you need help with a visa category that our firm does not currently offer, Douaa Elamarni is well-equipped to assist. Her expertise is particularly valuable for those living in or contemplating a move to the province of Barcelona.

For any inquiries regarding the Digital Nomad Visa, Non-Lucrative Visa, and Golden Visa you can book a free consultation here. Finally, be aware that we are specialist in Inmigaration law, we do not provide assistance with tax-related questions.

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